They did

Every day, courageous people show us that it is possible to put their values at the service of an economy more respectful of sentient beings and of the living.

Here is a list of the innovative companies that I have identified. Feel free to Suggest your favorite companies.

PS: I say “they”, but “they” also do:-).


Concept Stores Vegan

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Today Tomorrow is the first concept-store vegan de France. Present in Paris and on the web, it covers all the needs related to the veganism. The brand seeks to combine pleasure, ethics, eco-responsibility and accessibility for its customers.


Fast Food Vegan


Veg’Averne aims to offer a fast food with 100% plant products in Clermont-Ferrand. The restaurant intends to focus on local products and organic farming. Currently in launch, its founder needs support to complete the construction of its premises.

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