Getting Started in entrepreneurship

99 books to found and manage an ethical business

Food, cultural, clothing and technological companies that pollute the planet and use animals do not have a monopoly on the market: it is possible to undertake in these sectors while sparing them – audacious people prove it to us every day .

However, today, there is still much to be done before a true economy that is more respectful of sentient beings and environmentally sustainable emerges. If the challenges we face require such a paradigm shift, we can not afford to wait for it. We must provoke it.

Thus, it seems to me crucial that people who also feel the need for change take part, particularly through entrepreneurship : developing viable and accessible alternatives is just as necessary as raising awareness of issues.

That said, to engage in such an approach requires a minimum of entrepreneurial knowledge. That’s why, after several years exploring the field, Veganudge shares with you the best books on entrepreneurship. These will allow you to accumulate entrepreneurial knowledge (how to start a company, test your ideas, make good decisions, etc.) acquired by experienced people at a very low cost, and put them at the service of noble values. .

If this type of knowledge is a good start, know that they are not everything. To undertake in the sectors of the ethical and eco-responsible economy, it is necessary to have relevant information on these sectors (market size, typical profiles of customers, degrees of competition, etc.). Thus, I made selections of specialized books on these sectors, which you will find in the categories of the menu “Getting started”.

To help you find your way through all these books, I have listed the books by category. These were initiated by J. Kaufman, the author of the personal MBA, but I have revisited them somewhat with my own readings. Have fun !

Note: I will publish the summary of a book on my blog every week ;).


Personal MBA-Josh Kaufman                                                                         Image11Image12

Not everyone has had the chance to miss his studies – Olivier Roland        Image11Image12Image13

Creating a Business

Go It alone – Bruce Judson                                                                             Image11Image12

The Lean Startup – Eric Ries                                                                            Image11Image12

Street Smarts – Norm Brodsky & Bo Burlingham [EN]                                   Image11Image12

Zero to One – P. Thiel and B. Masters                                                             Image11Image13

Escape from Cubicle Nation – Pamela Slim                                                    Image11Image12

Bankable Business Plans – Edward Rogoff [EN]                                              Image11Image12

Test your ideas

Rework – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson                                     Image11Image12

The New Business Road Test – John Mullins                                                  Image11Image12


All Marketers Are Liars – Seth Godin [EN]                                                      Image11Image12

Marketing Permission – Seth Godin [EN]                                                       Image11Image12

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing – Al Ries & Jack Trout [EN]                Image11Image12

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got – J. Abraham                   Image11Image12


Value creation

Indispensable – Joe Calloway [EN]                                                                Image11Image12

The goal: a process of permanent progress – Eliyahu Goldratt                    Image11

Lean thinking – James Womack Daniel Jones                                               Image11Image12

Finance and accounting

Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs – K. Berman & J. Knight                 Image11Image12

Simple numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits – Greg Crabtree                          Image11Image12

The 1% Windfall – Rafi Mohammed [EN]                                                      Image11Image12

Accounting Made Simple – Mike Piper [EN]                                                 Image11Image13

Venture Deals – Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson [EN]                                     Image11Image12Image13

The Human mind

System 1/System 2 – Daniel Kahneman                                                      Image11Image12

Is it really me who decides? – Dan Ariely                                               Image11Image12

Nudge: The method to inspire the right decision – R. Thaler             Image11

The golden rules of the zetetic – Henri Broch                                               Image11

The Enigma of Reason – Dan Sperber and Hugo Mercier [EN]                    Image11Image12


Productivity and efficiency

Getting organized for success-David Allen                                                         Image11Image12Image13

The Power of Full Engagement – J. Loehr and T. Schwartz                 Image11Image12

StrenghsFinder 2.0 – Tom Rath [EN]                                                              Image11Image13

The 4-Hour week – Timothy Ferris                                                     Image11Image12Image13

10 Days to Faster Reading – Abby marks-Beale [EN]                                  Image11Image12Image13

Problem solving

Principle 80/20 – Richard Koch                                                                    Image11

Accidental Genius – Mark Levy [EN]                                                              Image11

Learning from the Future – L. Fahey & R. Randall                             Image11Image12

Change behavior

The art of going to basics – Leo Babauta                                                          Image11Image12

The Path of Least resistance – Robert Fritz                                         Image11Image12

Re-Create Your Life – Morty Lefkoe [EN]                                                       Image11Image12

Decision Making

Decisive – Chip & Dan Heath                                                                            Image11Image12

Sources of Power: How People Make decisions – G. Klein [EN]               Image11Image12

Smart Choices – John S. Hammond et al. In                                              Image11Image12

Risks and uncertainty

The Black Swan: The Power of the unpredictable – Nassim Taleb               Image11Image12

Antifragile: The benefits of disorder – Nassim Taleb                              Image11Image12

Wild Chance-Nassim Taleb                                                                 Image11Image12


On Writing Well – William Zinsser [EN]                                                        Image11Image12

Zen Presentation – Garr Reynolds                                                                   Image11

These ideas that stick – Chip and Dan Heath                                                  Image11Image12

The Copywriter’s Handbook – Robert Bly                                            Image11

Show Me The Numbers – Stephen Few [EN]                                                 Image11


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – R. B. Cialdini [EN]                 Image11Image12Image13

How to make friends (in the digital Age) – Dale Carnegie             Image11Image12

Critical Conversations: Daring to say things – K. Patterson et al.          Image11Image12

The 48 Laws of power – Robert Greene                                                         Image11


Bargaining For Advantage – G. Richard Shell                                      Image11

3-D Negotiation – David Lax & James Sebenius [EN]                                   Image11

The Partnership Charter – David Gage                                                  Image11Image12Image13


First, Break All The Rules – M. Buckingham & C. Coffman [EN]                Image11

12: The Elements of Great Managing – R. Wagner & J. Harter [EN]         Image11Image12Image13

Growing Great Employees – Erika Andersen                                       Image11Image12

The Essential Drucker – Peter Drucker [EN]                                                  Image11Image12

The Halo Effect – Phil Rosenzweig [EN]                                                          Image11


Tribes – Seth Godin [EN]                                                                                    Image11Image12Image13

Total Leadership – Stewart Friedman                                                   Image11

What Got you Here Won’t Get you There – Mr. Goldsmith                 Image11

The New leader’s 100-Day Action Plan – G. Bradt [EN]                             Image11Image12

Project Management

Making things Happen – Scott Berkun [EN]                                                Image11Image12

Results Without Authority – Tom Kendrick [EN]                                        Image11Image12Image13


Thinking in Systems – Donella Meadows [EN]                                           Image11Image12

Work the System – Sam Carpenter                                                       Image11


Statistics, beware! – Nicolas Garcia                                              Image11

Turning numbers into Knowledge – Jonathan Koomey [EN]                 Image11Image12

Marketing Metrics – Paul Farris et al. In                                                 Image11Image12

The Economist Numbers Guide – R. Stuteley [EN]                                    Image11

Business Skills

The Unwritten Laws of Business – W.J. King [EN]                                     Image11

The Effective Executive – Peter Drucker [EN]                                            Image11Image12Image13

The Simplicity Survival Handbook – Bill Jensen [EN]                              Image11Image12

Hire With Your Head – Lou Adler [EN]                                                        Image11Image12

Corporate strategy

Purpose – Nikos Mourkogiannis [EN]                                                          Image11Image12

Competitive Strategy – Michael Porter                                               Image11Image12

Blue Ocean Strategy – W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne [EN]              Image11Image12

Seeing What’s Next – Clayton M. Christensen et al. In                         Image11Image12Image13

Creativity and innovation

The Creative Habit – Twyla Tharp [EN]                                                       Image11Image12Image13

Myths of Innovation – Scott Berkun [EN]                                                   Image11Image12

Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Peter Drucker [EN]                        Image11Image12


Accelerate your projects through collaborative innovation – S. Biso               Image11Image12

The Design of Everyday things – Donald Norman                          Image11Image13

Universal Principles of Design – William Lidwell et al. In                  Image11


Secrets of Consulting – Gerald M. Weinberg                                     Image11Image12

Personal Finances

Your Money or your Life – Joel Dominguez & Vicki Robin            Image11Image12

The Millionaire Next Door – T. Stanley & W. Danko                        Image11Image12

Rich father, poor father – R. Kiyosaki                                                          Image11

Personal growth

Life and Work: Principles – Ray Dalio [EN]                                               Image11Image12Image13

The four Toltec agreements – Mr Ruiz                                                       Image11Image12Image13

The subtle art of screwing-Mark Manson                                                   Image11Image12


I hope that this list will help you to embark on an adventure that will participate, even a little bit, in making this planet more liveable.

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