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Veganudge, in four objectives

Veganudge button   Facilitating entrepreneurship committed to animals and the planet

Veganudge button   Connecting innovative ideas and foster collaboration

Veganudge button   Valuing and listing ethical entrepreneurial initiatives

Veganudge button   Thinking about the need to change the economy

What makes the world run?

I would have liked to talk about astrophysics, but I have to be more down-to-earth: it’s abou tmoney.

The quest for profit is indeed the main motivation of many people and companies who, at the same time, renounce any moral concern.

For those who have become aware of the abuses that such a renunciation can generate (use and abuse of animals, pollution of the planet, waste of resources, etc.), money is often perceived, not without reason, with a bad eye.

Yet every day, admirable people show us that it is possible to create businesses without betraying its principles. They open vegan restaurants, create eco-friendly technologies, or invest in pineapple leather (i’m serious !).

And we need such alternatives more than ever, right now. We are not allowed to wait for a system change, even if it is possible to trace the route. In particular, it is vital to bring about a mass of viable and accessible alternatives to products that harm animals and the planet, without inducing consumerism whose limits are too well known.

We need to massively develop viable and accessible alternatives

By doing this, we might well change the default option (HARM).

This approach, changing the default option, is inspired by the theory of nudge. From the experimental economy, it is a concept that aims to put in place actions aimed at pushing people to act in “common sense”.

Nudge Good

To do this, the nudge seeks to promote the “best option” for the consumer. For example, in collective catering, highlighting the salad rather than the fries encourages the consumer to choose the raw vegetables and thus to make a better choice for his health. This is called changing the architecture of choice.

What justifies the use of such incentives? First of all, one could specify that by their decisions, companies and leaders always steer the conduct of individuals. In this, the nudge is nothing really new, except that it is specifically conceived in order to promote virtuous behavior.

This is a valuable tool to the extent that we are often tempted to act without thought and to make decisions contrary to our will — think of your knowledge that smokes despite their desire to stop smoking.  Our irrationality, well documented by behavioural economics, therefore invites leaders and companies to change their methods: to move the consumer away from temptation and to invite him to adopt alternative behaviours without restricting his freedom.

Such measures could very well be used to reduce the consumption of animal and polluting products from now on. There are a number of reasons for this position. On the one hand, the nuisances that these products cause to the environment, to animals, and in some cases to health. On the other hand, the willingness of citizens to consume more plant products.

In this context, it makes sense to work towards the establishment of nudges aimed at reducing the consumption of products harmful to animals and the environment, in particular by changing the supply. The purpose of Veganudge is therefore to promote and highlight initiatives going in this direction.

If you wish to contribute to the emergence of alternatives to these products, I invite you to consult My selection of the best 99 books  to embark on engaged entrepreneurship.

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